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The Mission Ready Journal reverse-engineers what actually makes us tick as humans, gets us aligned… and places huge power laws that work for us, not against us.

It’s the little hinge swinging the big doors in all areas of life. And once in place, we instantly notice…

  • Huge clarity in mental thought, focus and presence
  • Waking up without fear of our inbox, calendar or messenger
  • Effortlessly hitting goals because the mind, heart and gut is fully aligned

Limited Time Only. At only £29, there are few things in this world with an investment so low which grant SO much out of life.

So claim a copy today using any button on this page and I’ll rush ship a copy straight over.



Claire O’Sullivan

June 30, 2021

I bought Mission Ready when it first came out and have been using it ever since. MIssion ready has allowed me to control my week, instead of the week controlling me. I’m less anxious because i’m more organised. I definitely prefer writing in a journal compared to typing on a computer. The journal is beautiful and the quality is the best i’ve ever seen.


Monna Campbell

June 30, 2021

Mission Ready breaks down the year into x4 90-day planning cycles. Each planning cycle is broken down into monthly, weekly and daily frameworks. I love the layout, the space and the micro detail Phil covers inside the journal. It’s super easy to use. Just grab a pen and off you go. It’s definitely been one of my best investments for improving my productivity and time management.


Micheal Canas

June 30, 2021

Love this journal. Mission Ready has allowed me to make more money in my business and have more freedom to do Jiu Jitsu. A staple in my morning routine.


Samuel Frolick

June 30, 2021

Mission Ready keeps me sane. In all seriousness, this journal has changed my life. It organised everything – health, mindset, money, business goals and life goals. One thing this journal has made me realise is how much energy I was wasting NOT journaling and strategic planning for life and business.


Zoe Clarkson

June 30, 2021

Whoever wrote this journal is a productivity genius. I’m making more and have more free time. Love it!


Amy Cheefers

June 30, 2021

The journal looks totally Rad! It’s pretty serious looking, but I love it! The quality is 1st class, and Phil clearly hasn’t skipped on quality. The pages are thick – it literally feels awesome to write in. In terms of results, Mission Ready has definitely lightened up my thinking. I use the book as an external brain. There’s loads of space, tables and powerful questions to get you thinking. When I do the nightly review before bed my head is cleared. And, that’s something i’ve struggled with for many years.


Ben-Honour Smyth

June 30, 2021

Forget an Oura ring lol Mission Ready will work wonders for your life, energy and overall productivity.



June 30, 2021

If you’re a journal junkie like me you’ve probably tried them all. There’s no doubt about it, Mission Ready is my favourite. Why? There’s zero fluff and the awareness i’ve gained from using mission ready over the last 4 months has been life changing. Thanks


Kristian Hill

June 30, 2021

Mission Ready is a 90-Day planner for your personal life and business. The layout and flow of the questions works incredibly well. It’s like Phil knows how you’re thinking and what way to map ideas out. It’s incredibly effective. Thanks for bringing the concept of strategic planning into my life.


Chloe Marks

June 30, 2021

Before using Mission Ready I used a standard diary from Tescos. Haha! This journal has blown my mind. The amount of detail I used to miss. It’s not a wonder I was always chasing my tail. Amazing x


Dan Hancock

June 30, 2021

So far, I’ve bought 210 of these journals. 10 for myself and 200 for the fitness professionals completing my mental health certification. The feedback is consistently good. The questions, tables, assessments and strategic planning frameworks inside the journal really help organise your life and business into digestible action steps. Say goodbye to overwhelm. Looks the part too!


Martin Long

June 30, 2021

The perfect size to journal and plan your business with. Most journals are way too small and you end up running out of space. I am able to get all my thoughts onto one page with Mission Ready! It’s a weapon of a journal!


Robert Gallagher

June 30, 2021

The quality of this journal is the best I’ve ever experienced. The cover is sturdy yet classy. The page quality is exceptional and allows me to use different colour pens with ease. No leaching through the pages like most cheap journals. Love the frameworks and questions. They set me up for the day, week, month and year haha! Thanks Phil


Martin Silva

June 30, 2021

Superb layout, high quality pages and plenty of space. I am getting way more done and love the confidence Mission Ready fills me with when it comes to planning business projects and day-to-day life.


Mark Strathern

June 30, 2021

Easy to use. Mission Ready is a staple in my daily planning for life and business. Couldn’t live without it!


Marc Rhodes

June 30, 2021

Mission Ready is something the fitness industry has been lacking. One thing personal trainers, gym owners and online coaches need is better time management. Mission Ready has streamlined my thinking and helped me transform noisey ideas into simple, easy to follow action steps. The Journal looks smart AF no matter where you set it.


Jack Tracey

June 30, 2021

Mission Ready will help you organise your life from a high level (life mission, yearly plan) right down to low level (daily output). It also looks and feels incredible to write on.


Natalie Alexander

June 30, 2021

My days flow x10 better than they did before. Mission Ready is the ultimate productivity tool for business owners that want to get more down without burning out.


Jonathan Clarke

June 30, 2021

Forget 5-Minute Journal,, Trello and every other productivity tool on the planet. Mission Ready focuses on productivity, mindset, health, energy & state management, finance and more. I wish i was using this years ago.


Alex Glenn

June 30, 2021

The Mission Ready journal has helped me prioritise my time and organise my life. An absolute must for any business owner!



In a world of constant distractions, achieving a genuine flow state is rare.

Peak productivity is the single most important commodity for an entrepreneur seeking to gain a competitive advantage. 

The Mission Ready Journal will arm you with the exact systems you need to become a productivity machine. 

You will achieve more in the next 90 days than some business owners do all year. That’s a fact.

Designed for entrepreneurs and high achievers only.


Phil, I’m not, or not yet, a fitness entrepreneur

No problem! The principles behind the Mission Ready™ Journal work most, if not in all niches. 


Obviously my tribe is fitness entrepreneurs.


Fall outside that? The process will still work.

Can I buy more than one Mission Ready™ Journal?

Yes! That option will be presented later.

For any bulk orders (over 10), please email

How long does it take?

It will take precisely 2 hours to work through the mission, and energy pieces. After that the Mission Ready™ Journal takes roughly 4 minutes a day. 


Grab a coffee and make it a habit. We’ve already seen what a 1% improvement does daily!

How long does one Mission Ready™ Journal last?

One journal lasts precisely 90 days. We could use it every other day, extending it to 180 days (a half year). But it will be less effective. 


There will be an option to order more once purchased. And if there’s available stock, visit this page again.

Will this work for me?

A pen, a Mission Ready™ Journal, 4 minutes a day – YEP.

Struggled with goals, motivation or procrastination?

The Mission Ready™ System is designed to completely solve that. Feel free to trial it out too!

Does this help burnout?

Not immediately. But it could.
Burnout comes from many areas.
So if burnout comes from working – then yes! 

If it comes from energy related to working – then yes!

If it comes from outside problems – then it may not solve all problems.

How is this better than < Insert Productivity System Here >

Think about: The task lists, batching, chunking OKRs, SWOTs, KPIs… and many other alphabet systems which never factor in our mission, energy, or desire. 


When something starts and ends with planning → it never factors in good goals. 

When something factors in goals, but not desire → it’s going to cause procrastination. 

When we start procrastinating → something is off with the mission. 


Mission Ready™ reverse engineers it all. 


Then places it into a daily – 1% – improvement strategy. 


It all results in massive output year over year.

I really want this, but I’m busy. Should I get Mission Ready™?

 Busy? Uh-oh. 


Busy = new stupid. 

I’d recommend Mission Ready™ HIGHLY.

What happens if I miss a day?

The world ends… internally. 


Just kidding. Pick it up the next day. 


Once this becomes a part of our working systems, it’s engrained. Don’t worry about “completing it” or “sticking to it.”


Do it when it matters most. 


I’d seriously advise completing a full month of daily use, to get into the adoption cycle.

How does the daily 1% thing work?

(0.99) to the power of 365 days = -0.03 = we grow one percent worse. 


(1.00) to the power of 365 days = 1 = we stay as is.


(1.01) to the power of 365 days = 37.8 = we’re up to 38x more output. 


We could try to get 10 percent better in a day, week or month. It likely leads to overworking or bad habits. 


Instead, rely on 1% daily through the Mission Ready™ Journal.


Most entrepreneurs focus only from January – March then burn out. Then pick up towards October to December. 


Even out over the year and get better results to boot. 

Get Mission Ready™.

How does the Mission Ready™ system end procrastination?

This process is the ultimate 2-step punch to:


→ Breaking unproductive, time-blocking, procrastination habits. And…

→ Consistently getting 1% better to achieve our goals, mission, and reaching the fullest potential!


Procrastination is prevented by being in alignment with the mission, with our energy, and with our goals. 


That delivers the momentum we need through energy, joy, and planning. 

That’s why I believe the Mission Ready™ Journal is one BIG tool to ending procrastination for good.

How are the trainings delivered?

The 3 pieces which complete the Mission Ready™ System are delivered digitally. Immediate access is given upon purchase. 


Among the lucky few who also get Big Business Life Lessons? Then it will be linked inside the portal. 


The journal will be rush shipped out and should arrive within 4-7 days. 


My advice is to fully scope out the trainings and then the moment the journal arrives, immediately start the audits and use the first day. 


Within the first week, the transformation is near ridiculous. 


Then keep pushing. 


Anytime you need another journal, a link will be available via email, the back of the journal through a code, or by visiting this page.

I hate planning and like to be creative. Will this help?

It will! Being creative still requires the plotted time. The system helps achieve that. 


In fact, using it only frees up more hours to be spontaneously creative when and where required.


Use the Mission Ready™ Journal and System to get in alignment, construct incredible days, and plot time for creativity. 


Repeat that process, and find more available hours per week for leisure, creative time, or hobbies.

How does Mission Ready™ help improve goals?

By cycling through the mission we’d like to achieve, goals become constructed. And when goals are aligned to the mission, they’re easier to hit. 


Later within the Mission Ready™ Journal, we’ll perform audits of both business and life. This will tell you exactly where we are today, and how much we can expect in the future.


From that, we can then set “push goals” which are designed to ramp up in relation to the mission. 


I don’t find it impossible to set a goal of “110%” and then actually land somewhere around 80-90%. 


In fact, Google (/ Alphabet) actually wants their employees to land around 70%. 

So don’t be afraid to set bigger goals, and then chunk them down using the Mission Ready™ System.

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